Five reasons to buy an electric scooter

When the electric scooter craze exploded back in 2017, nobody could have predicted that they will conquer our streets that fast. Today they’re to be found in abundance in all major cities across the world. So, what happened? Why are electric scooters so popular? What do people see in them?

Electric scooters

Let’s talk about top reasons to buy an electric scooter, so you could decide for yourself if you too need one.

Save your precious time

Heavy traffic is the one common menace in most large cities across the globe. On the other hand, public transportation is often overcrowded, and only available at certain hours. Small and practical electric scooters eliminate traffic jams, parking places, and waiting at a bus stop from the list of your everyday problems. Additionally, the electric scooter will get you in locations simply impossible for a car.

Spend less on transportation

Let’s be blunt: electric scooters are relatively cheap. You can get a simple model for as little as $100. First-rate ones go for $400+. When it comes to additional costs, there’s not much either. To be safe, you should invest in a decent helmet, but that’s basically it. You don’t need any license to drive the electronic scooter. Maintenance costs are almost non-existent. Furthermore, the prices of electricity are much lower than gas or other vehicle fuels.

Reduce your carbon footprint

It may be obvious, but it’s worth taking into consideration – every electric scooter is more environmentally friendly than any traditional car. You don’t use gas, so there are no fumes, and electric engines are so quiet that you don’t contribute to noise solution. Surveys show that people all over the world care more and more about being eco-friendly, so there’s a high probability that some of your friends and colleagues will notice your environmental effort. Many companies started to see the issue too, and some of them offer benefits for people using alternative, environmentally sensible methods of transportation.

Enjoy maximum convenience

Having a mode of transportation that you can just pick up and carry anywhere is extremely practical. No need for parking slots, or even a bicycle lock, since your electric scooter can always be in your sight. They’re easy to maintain, especially if equipped with the pneumatic front tire, which should minimize the risk of a flat tire.

Have awesome fun

Last but not least, electric scooters are incredibly fun to ride. They are cool, they make you feel young, and it’s so fun to ride the city sidewalks so quickly yet effortlessly. Their engines can be surprisingly powerful, so if you’re after speed, be sure to try out the models with higher specs. Scooters also come in a variety of sizes, colours, and shapes, from retro-stylized to futuristic design, so you can definitely choose one that matches your personality.

Are you convinced?

Let’s quickly summarize what you can gain from choosing the electric scooter as your primary means of transportation:

  • Less time in traffic
  • Considerable savings on gas
  • Reduction of your carbon footprint
  • A convenient way of travel
  • So much fun!

Do you have an electric scooter already? Do you agree with our list? Why do you think electric scooters are worth it? Tell us in the comments below!